​Types of Followers on Social Media

The Surveillance Cameras

These people follow your each and every update dutifully not because they are your well wishers Β but because they want to find out what you are upto. Kind of like nosy aunties at family functions?! Yea, these followers will even construct your entire day plan by looking at your Insta stories.

The Broadcaster

Of Course, if you put a story, you generally post it for just your friend list. But there’s always this Broadcaster in the list who will broadcast your story to the remaining population of the world, whether you like it or not.

The Follower who thinks social media is over hyped

They have an account but they rarely post anything. They are friends with you but they rarely read your updates. And that’s cool and all until they lecture you to do the same. Whatever happened to each their own?

The 24/7 Always Available

They are online all the time. That’s their “real world” for them. And I mean, they do tasks of the actual real world one handed because the other hand is always punching alphanums into their phones. And funnily, when you are really in need of some talk, they will not reply to you despite being ONLINE.

The Hibernators

Hmm, the Hibernation may depend on various factors like range, other priorities, multiple chats or mood. Either these followers will reply quickly or they won’t reply for days. Depends on your luck. Sometimes, they go into Detox Hibernation and you can’t make out if it’s their normal behavior or an observed penance.

The Absent minded Ones

If you are looking for traffic on your site, these are the perfect followers. Because they go on a social media site and absently scroll through it hitting like on each and every post.

The Spammers

The Lover of Memes, the Reshare Maniacs, the let’s-forward-to-all-the-groups enthus – all are spammers. Some posts could really be a genuine laugh or thought provoking share but almost 90% of them are net pack consuming spams.

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The Joy of Receiving a Parcel!!!

Whenever I receive a parcel that was ordered online, I get overly feels like someone is delivering me a surprise gift, even though I have paid for it myself & even though I am fully aware that it is going to arrive at said date & by said time 😜

Still the excitement grips me…I wait whole day anticipating the delivery guy to call up & then jump up from my desk & rush downstairs giggling like a little kid about to receive a gift from Santa Claus at Christmas.

Then I bound up to the desk of my friend, Aksh – who is also the one who helps me decide what I buy – I open the parcel and we go on like teenagers gushing about how “mast” the top is πŸ˜‰ how “fresh” or how “new” the color is & how “soft” the material is etc.

The whole process of opening the parcel(i.e tearing it apart really, I only unwrap it nicely & slowly if its gift wrapped πŸ˜ƒ) is what makes me feel like I have received a gift.

I’m sure those of you who love to shop online will relate to the happiness that you feel when you buy something online and that feeling is multiplied to profound joy when the parcel is actually delivered to you.

And the excitement is the same every single time. πŸ’ƒ

Receiving a parcel brings a smile to my face 😊

For that day, no matter how it was going on, I’m happy.