Sunrise in our Gallery

Sometimes we don’t realise what we have and look around outside for it.

Like, I love Sunrises and Sunsets . Though there are abundant Sunsets to witness on Goan beaches, Sunrises are a bit hard to see.

I have been pining for a Sunrise since ages. Two months ago, I dragged my husband up at 4am and we walked 4 kms to see my first Sunrise in Matheran.

It was wondrous.

Few days ago, I was standing in our gallery and I by chance glanced to my left. And to my astonishment, there was the scarlet ball rising in the sky.

I was gobsmacked. One year to our marraige and I never knew I could watch the sunrise from right outside our bedroom gallery!

It made me think about how many opportunities in life I must have let go because I never realised my potential or knew how to look at what I am blessed with.