J for Jealous 

Note: They want you to fare good but just not better than them. 


A for Attached

I got this idea from two different places.
In the book, Love Letters From The Dead, the protagonist May liked to play the traditional Name Place Animal Thing game with a twist – she always added the Feelings category.

Recently, me n Flygirl came across author Sue Grafton’s alphabet series. She writes books such as “A” Is for Alibi,  “B” is for Burglar etc.

So I’m going to mix both these ideas and try a 26 day “The Alphabets and Feelings Series”😀

                         A for Attached

I get attached.

I get attached to people, to pets, to things, to places, to everything that has given me fond memories.

Once I have given you a place in my heart, it will always be there.

I hold on. It becomes very difficult for me to let go….

​Day 10 Topic 10: Reflect on something

 U know, U can’t really tell when u will get to see someone again or when u will get to talk to them again. 

U say u r too busy and that u will catch up tomorrow and before u realise it’s been too late. 

Don’t delay that visit for later
Don’t leave those things unsaid

I thought quotes like, “Life is short. Smile while u have teeth” is too cliché but my day today has given me enough to reflect upon it.