​Day 10 Topic 10: Reflect on something

 U know, U can’t really tell when u will get to see someone again or when u will get to talk to them again. 

U say u r too busy and that u will catch up tomorrow and before u realise it’s been too late. 

Don’t delay that visit for later
Don’t leave those things unsaid

I thought quotes like, “Life is short. Smile while u have teeth” is too cliché but my day today has given me enough to reflect upon it. 


Being Judged?

I liberated myself from the fear of judgement so I could express myself freely

– Ranveer Singh

Ranveer Singh is one of the coolest guys we have in Bollywood. A remarkable actor Ranveer is known more for his bizzare social antics, out of the box dressing sense and for his straight forward approach and I-dont-bite-my-words-attitude.

And Ranveer says he can be himself bcoz he doesn’t care about how others would judge him.

We often worry about what others will think about us. “What if we did this, what will they think about us?”

I know I worry a lot about how others perceive me.

In the midst of all this we forget that the only person that should matter to us is ourselves. It is important to keep ourselves happy.

So do what u like u do without having the need for someone else’s approval to make u feel good. I’m not saying totally disregard others. Listen to all, its free. But do what u want, its feels better.

I know its easy to preach about stuff but hey, we’ll get there with some practise.👍

What People Say v/s What People Mean – Part 2

” I’ll be there in five minutes”

Whenever any Indian gives u that line , remember five minutes means he/she is planning a fashionably late entry.

” Of course I promise not to tell anyone”

This is like actually announcing your secret with a loudspeaker. Because the minute it reaches your friend’s ears they wont be able to breathe till they spill it out.

” Can I have a word?”

Oh no!! U are in serious serious trouble. Quickly go through all the bad things you did in your mind and say a silent prayer to your Gods. Because the word is going to be really long.

” It’s fine/ It’s okay”

If a woman gives you this line you have screwed up. Even if you don’t know it yet. So figure out your mistake on your own and try to set it right.