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Places I Miss Visiting During The Lockdown

Even though we are not in a curfew, there are some places that I cannot go to anymore or go as often as before.

For example, Visiting my parents. I used to drop by at least once within a week and sometimes stay over. I wish I could still do that, but Internet has been a big issue – cannot do Work From Home without losing my patience. I definitely miss my parents and irritating my brother and I am also missing out while these lovelies grow up.

An opportunity that we lost this year was The North India Tour. We had flights pre-booked and itineraries planned and then the Pandemic hit.

I miss attending Marathons with Flygirl. I am turning into a Slakoth trapped here. My motivation is zapped.

I also miss all the weekends where I used to just hang out with my friends or impulsively go out wherever me and my husband felt like.

We are also huge movie fans and I love the experience of being in a movie theater – the smell of salty popcorn, the cold of the air conditioning, the opening notes of the production drumming through me. Somehow, even with so many streaming options available now, they don’t stir that level of excitement.

I also miss exploring new restaurants. I have set my sights on Gunpowder for so long now, I am not sure when I’ll get the opportunity to visit it.

I miss driving around and stopping at any local stall for shawarma or shev puri. I miss dipping my feet in sand and watching the sunset while enjoying a drink.  

What are some of the things you miss doing during the Lockdown?

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Types of People and Chai ☕

If there’s one thing that we Indians love it is a good cup of tea!! It is the essential start to our day and our comfort drink.

We even have tea personalities:

The Freeloaders

Hey, are you going to make tea? Can you make one cup for me please? I mean, since you are already in the kitchen….I wouldn’t impose otherwise…. Please make it strong….And use almond milk..I’m intolerant to normal milk…And use Sugar free.. I am not fussy like that.. Just make sure you get it as soon as it’s done.. Like don’t let the malai start to form.. Thank you!! You are a life saver! “

Grandma and tea

“You are up early today! It’s just 9’oclock. Today’s kids! We used to ensure as soon as our mother-in-law was up, there was a cup of tea, besides her. When are you making tea? What? What juice? I require my cup of tea, four times a day.”

After a sip:

Shi what is this? This is not Chai. Why is it so watery? Why is it so sweet? Where’s the Elaichi? Why did you not grate the Ginger and add to it? Tulsi leaves grow right next to the window – you don’t have to go to Darjeeling to get them. I always used to add tulsi when making tea. This is not how you make tea.. Just take it, I cannot drink this.. Where are you going? Brew me a fresh new pot.. ”

When offering guests some tea

Hello!! Welcome!! What a cold day na! Sit down I’ll make some tea. “

” Hello!! Welcome!! It’s been raining so much since morning na! Sit down I’ll quickly make some tea and hot pakodas. “

” Hello!! Welcome!! You just got back from work! I’ll quickly make some tea”

And then they are also some who:

” Hello!! Welcome!! Yea, I mean, you are not running late? Come in if you want to then. You want to sit down? Do you want something to drink? Some tea or water? Will water be okay? Water it is then! “

Travellers and Tea

” There’s still another three hours journey ahead. Is there any tea stall nearby? “

“Hello room service? Do you serve tea?”

“OH my God! This is such an endless stretch of a road. Someone should put up a tea stall here”

“Bhaiyya.. Two matka Chai.. Adrak Wali”

Tea lovers

“I loveee tea. My boyfriend is in Delhi and since we are like in this long distance, he did this sweetest thing for me – he stuffed the pantry with so many tea bags!! I have Jasmine, Chamomile, Oolong, Lemon, Assam, Masala.. I have tea for when I’m happy, tea for when I’m tensed, tea for weekends, tea for when I miss him.. This is my personal tea heaven. “

” What do you mean you don’t prefer tea? Are it’s much stronger than all this espresso stuff. You must not have had a proper cup. I’ll make you a cup – chef’s special. You’ll forget all about lattes and frappes. “

The diet people and Green tea

” No, I don’t drink tea. I drink just green tea these days. It detoxs my entire system plus calms my soul. It makes my skin glow so naturally plus I lose so much weight also. It’s just fab. “

The Chai Sutta lovers

” I cannot focus anymore! I need a break!!”

(To collegeaue)

” Hey, wanna head out to the tapri? Smoke break with a strong glass of tea? “

And that one major tea moment that we all have:

When we brew our first pot of tea and it tastes absolutely worthless and everyone else drinks it without complain so as to not hurt our feelings

How many such Chai lovers do you know? ☕

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Types of Difficult People

Interacting with difficult people is like draining your power bank charging other people’s phones. And when you have to charge yourself, you realise you have already spent every bit of your patience and energy on others.

The Surveillance Cameras
These people just need to know everything there is about you – where you went on the weekend, what you ate at that restaurant and who did you go to that movie with. And they are not even subtle about it. You enter and they would be like standing right behind the door frame, holding a gun to your forehead, demanding details.


The Free Advice Loaders
These people are authorised by public rights to give you advice irrespective of whether you asked for it or not and whether you need it or not.

geet free

They give it out for free because honestly they are not using their advice themselves.


The Seasonal Best Friends
We all have these friends who will be our besties whenever they need something from us. And once the need is done, if you call or message them, they are somehow always busy or mysteriously AWOL.


The Energy Sucking Leeches
This umbrella category encompasses the following:

Naysayers “I don’t think you can do this”
They are no good at motivating you esp when you are already in self doubt.

Complain Boxes “That was okay but it could have been better”
They love to remind you that you were/are/will never be good enough.

Bore Barrels “I’m bored, can you skip your work to entertain me?”
They will bore you because they are bored and thus the chain reaction goes on

Blah Blah Black Sheeps “Wait, what was that? What were you saying? Oh,okay. You should listen to what I did… blah blah blah…”
They are hardly interested in listening to what you say while you have to be tuned to their FM channel all the time.

Mood changers
They go all, “Aww, why do look so sad?” on days when you are actually happy or when you are being by yourself, they come up to you and say, “What’s wrong with you today?”


The (They Think They Are) Know It Alls
You and me have no idea how multi talented these people are. They (supposedly) know everything there is to everything and everyone.

know everything
These are my personal favourites – because I love listening to their creative lies while I secretly know the bland truth.

I just don’t know the right techniques to draw a boundary around difficult people. And at the end of the day, I’m left wondering why do I feel so exhausted?!