Unboxing The Big Book Box

This is our first book box ever and I am pretty excited for it!!

Me and Flygirl subscribed to the Espresso box of The Big Book Box in July. It was a wait of 3 months ( more or less ) and it finally arrived today.

The theme of this box is: To The Stars And Back

This is the theme card with the contents of the box printed on the back of it

Let’s talk about the goodies first.

There is a banner and a set of pins. The pins are of the Greek Gods who can control planets.

We have,

Hermes for Mercury – the messenger of all Gods

Aphodite for Venus – the Greek Goddess of Love, Beauty and Eternal Youth

Poseidon for Neptune – the God of Sea whose wrath incurs storms and earthquakes

Hades for Pluto – the Guardian of the home of the Dead and Wealth.

Diana for Moon – revered as the Goddess of chastity and fertility.

There are two magnetic bookmarks based on characters from Spinning Silver. 

I hadn’t seen a magnetic bookmark before and neither have I read this particular book, which has a 4.3/5 rating on Goodreads btw, so maybe something to read after I finish these books.

Before we goto the main books,

The August edition of the magazine


Book Sample

There is a Funko of Ron in the Sorting Hat, though I wished I had got Snape.

Along with the Daily Prophet front page.

I liked how they cleverly included book extracts and extended them.

Okay, this one is amazing.

When you first look at it, it is this innocent black mug

Pour in hot liquid

And Constellations appear on the mug!!

The Book of M & The Book of Essie
















Both are debut novels and have awesome reviews. Not going to say much, coz I want to read them first!!


The Book of M came with the author letter


And lastly, the Instagram Prompt Card.

I am really looking forward to enjoying this box. Thanks for reading!!*)


Rapid Fire Book Tag

* A quick tag to hopefully get over my current reading block *

  • E book or Physical book?                         Hardcopy anytime!!                    
  • Online or Book store shopping?             Book Store shopping coz there’s something about seeing myself being surrounded by so many books 📚 
  • Trilogies or Series?                                   Trilogies!! Keep it short but make it an epic saga!! 
  • Heros or villians?                                     I dig villians 😈
  • Our world or fictional worlds?               
    Fiction preferably the magical kind. 
  • Audiobooks: Yes or No?                           Umm.. Ummm… Umm… Not Really…. 
  • Book to movie adaptations?                   Only if they’ll do justice to the book. 
  • Borrow or Buy?                                         Bit of both 😜
  • Character or Plot?                                      Plot!! It HAS TO BE a good story! 
  • Reading on the Sofa or on the Bed?      I do neither! I walk and read 😂

    Okayy Flygirl, I do need some good book to get me out of my coma😂 Save Me!! 

    ​Book Reviews from My Pending Drafts – Book III, IV, V

    Continued from Part I and II

    Book III – Such A Perfect Sister by Donna Hay

    Phoebe Redmond has always lived under the shadow of her dazzling and gorgeous sister Alex. Whatever Phoebe wanted, Alex got it without asking. 
    Phoebe always had a crush on Luke but naturally Luke fell in love with Alex. When Alex decides to marry Luke, Phoebe suspects that there is something going on in Alex’s mind that she isn’t sharing. But will this mean that Phoebe finally gets to come out of being “Alex Redmond’s sister”? 

    This book is a fantastic entertainer. I really enjoyed it. Those who enjoy sibling rivalry will like this one. I couldn’t put it down – I wanted to know what happened next with Phoebe, Alex, Luke and Will. 

    This book is the fastest one I have read. Finished it in a day! 😁

    Book IV – Keeping Mum by Kate Lawson

    The tagline of this book makes no sense at all. Throughout the book I was waiting for when Nita might behave badly but she’s always helping Cass. 
    Cass lives in Norfolk & runs a furniture shop attached to her house. With her boys in university & her mom hitting it off with her toy boy, everything is going as usual. When enters her childhood friend Fioana into her life once again. Cass finds herself getting pestled between Fioana and her partner Andy’s relationship which is in troubled waters. 

    Just when Cass thinks that their choir competition in Cyprus would be the perfect opportunity to get away from all this, that’s when the real drama starts. 

    This book is slow to start. There isn’t anything much happening until the All Stars get to Cyprus. After that it picks pace and turns out to be a good read. Though with the ending, it nose dives again. 

    Book V – Kate’s Wedding by Chris Manby

    I have heard that Chris Manby was actually supposed to release another novel in 2011 but after the engagement announcement of Prince William & Kate Middleton, she was suddenly struck by inspiration & wrote Kate’s Wedding in a month. 
    No, this book isn’t a tribute to the royal couple. 

    The Kate in the book is Kate Williamson. 39 years old, successful partner in a law firm, she was hardly expecting her boyfriend to propose to her. But when he did what should have been the most beautiful moment in her life turns into an almighty source of misery. Kate wonders if Kate Middleton too feels like what in the world has she signed up for? Will Kate make it to the aisle or will she bail? 

    Diana Ashcroft on the other hand spent all her life dreaming up about her perfect wedding. She was born at the exact moment when Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles & hence was named after her. So it feels like destiny that she should have a wedding as royal as Prince William & Kate Middleton. 

    This novel is the kind of stuff that can be made into a good Bridezilla movie! 😁