Little Things 

I go on YouTube only when all my other options for binge watching are over. During one such browsing session I came across this cute web series called Little Things. 

Little Things is about a couple, Kavya and Dhruv, living together in Mumbai. This five episode mini series explores the love in their relationship over various incidents that happen to them in everyday life. 

The endearing part of this series is that it focuses on everyday love. The kind of love you feel for your partner at the end of an absolutely bad day or after you have had that big fight over an absolutely silly thing or just the time when you remember each other during your day. 

Dhruv and Kavya do things for each other, fight with each other, eat mutton biryani together 😜 But the point is the love that is between them that gets them through thier mundane lives. 

The series is in English seasoned with Hindi, u know naa, the metro kind of lingo 😀

I get why Mithila Palkar is Internet’s favorite girl. She is a  terrific delight to watch. Dhruv Sehgal ( he has also written this series) is great as well but majority of the time it is Mithila who sweeps the scenes with her spontaneous charm. 

If you are fed up of the clichéd Bollywood or even Hollywood romances then Little Things is a fresh change. 

It’s plus point is it’s honesty. Every interaction between Dhruv and Kavya comes across as genuine and relateable – no shoddy melodrama and nakhra. 

Just a random point, there is one wall in thier bedroom covered with caricatures of them. I so loved this idea and I would love something like this in my future bedroom. 😀

Little Things is how normal couples romance. Bcoz it is the little things that make a relationship worthwhile!! 😊 

​Scribed #3

 Her phone beeped. Half immersed in her workload, she glanced up quickly at the screen of her smartphone. A tiny blue light was flashing at the base of it. 

Distracted from what she was doing, she continued to gaze at the blue dot. 

An incoming message!! 

It sent a thrill through her. Who could have sent that text? 

What if it was from the person that she was expecting it to be? A smile started tracing itself on her lips. That would be pleasant. She hadn’t heard from them in a while and she had almost started worrying herself wondering why. 

Well, there was one easy way to find out – pick up the phone!!

But then – what if it wasn’t from them? That would only disappoint her further. She hated getting excited anticipating only to get irritated to see someone else’s name displayed on the screen. 

It’s not like she wanted to ignore others if they texted. It’s just that, she was just expecting that particulartext. 

She eyed the phone now, her fingertips hovering inches away from the screen, itching to pick it up and check her messages. 

But she had work to be completed. She had to act a little professional, shouldn’t she? 

She tore her eyes away from the flickering blue dot. 

Surely they would understand, surely they would wait.. 

But what if this one wait became the one that was too long to take? 


‘ People used to say to me, “You’ll know when you meet the love of your life. You’ll just know” ‘


Evie Hart is 27 years old – a journalist and a bridesmaid at 4 weddings in a year. However, Evie hasn’t found ‘The One‘ for her yet. Of course, she has gone through her share of boyfriends – and they are enough to form an ‘ex-boyfriends’ club amongst them. But she hasn’t met the one who would flutter her heart. Then she meets ‘Action Man’ Jack Williamson at her friend Grace’s wedding and even though she would really like to make an impression on him, every time she finds herself caught in embarrassing situations around him. Will Evie ever be a bride herself?

This book is your classical chic-lit romance. Those of you who like budding romances and light-reads will like this one but those who are sick of romantic romantic novels should well avoid this. As for me, I am still a fan of the young adult novels, so I found this book a decent weekend read. 🙂

Since the title itself  is ‘Bridesmaids’ there is a lot about weddings being shown. All the crazy preparations that follow and do not end till the last hour – Hair!!! Shoes!!! Tiara!!! – and all the pandemonium that ensues searching for them. From all the wedding rehearsals to the First Dance by the couple till the wedding hangovers , all has been covered satisfyingly well by the author.

Besides Evie’s life, the book also has another angle based on her best friends and their complications.
There is Grace – recently married to the love of her life Patrick after 7 solid years of commitment and 2 daughters.
There is Charlotte – the kind, shy, demure girl, a little over-weight and that has her self-confidence crushed too.
Valentina – the self-loving, cosmetic queen, branded with top brands from head to toe and always fishing for good looking guys with good looking bank balances
and Georgia – wealthy, down-to-earth and humble.

Valentina has an offensive air of superiority  throughout the book, but I loved her character the most somehow.  😛  It was entertaining compared to the rest of the gang.

And oh yes, this book has no connection to a movie of the same name. So, if you would like some decent fun read, I’ll suggest go for this. (y)