Performance Review

Part of being an over-thinker is that at the end of each day I review, analyze & rate myself on how I behaved & reacted in the entire day.

And my biggest critic being me, needless to say, I end up giving myself some choice harsh words. And also, let my frustration out on whoever I lay my eyes next.

Obviously, I’m doing all of this wrong.

But I just don’t know how to be kind & supportive of myself. Striving to be better is like stretching a rubber band. When I try to break free, I find myself pulled right back to where I started.

And if I had thought that a Corona-free new year would be great for my mental peace, I was so mistaken. This month has been a rough start! 😔

Self-Care isn’t easy!!

For the last two years, I have been trying consciously to focus on self-care as a priority.

But there are certain factors that make this process hard at times.

  • It is difficult to practise. For instance: limiting my social media time. It was easy to draw a schedule for no screen time but when it comes to actually following it – there’s that temptation, a need for distraction or just the fact that I’m not able to go to sleep that draws me back online.
  • Lack of instant measurable results. I’m used to tracking my progress on things. Hence, when I’m trying to work on my insecurities, and there are no visible results to look at, how do I know if there is progress?
  • Reactions of others. Now, I know, how people react is not in our hands. But I get beleaguered by opinions irrespective of whether I have asked for them or not. And many times, these reactions are along the lines of “This isn’t a great achievement” “Stop being so loud” “I have bigger-and-better news” and then I’m at a loss about how to handle my emotions in real time.

If only self-care was as easy as putting on a face mask. But it isn’t! It is going to be a life-long process bcoz there is always going to be room for growth. And if you come across any self-help book that claims that you’ll be Zen in 30 days or after following 7 steps, they are probably not going to be of much help.

Self Care

Most of the time we spend our energies trying to provide our loved ones with care. And other times, simply get overwhelmed by our daily routines and neglect ourselves.

Let’s pause each day for a few minutes and pay attention to what we need.

Get Proper Sleep

If there is a routine that helps you get undisturbed sleep then follow it. If you feel tired during the day, just close your eyes for a few minutes and sit or if possible, take a brief nap.

Eat Regular Meals

Eating small portions at regular intervals helps keep my system in check. Follow the regime that’s good for your body.

Drink Your Bottle of Water

Carry around a bottle with you and make sure you finish it all.

Have A Long Hot Water Bath

I often find that hot baths calm my mind. I also like to keep changing the fragrances of my bath so that there is a different freshness each time.

Express What You Feel

Write down what bothers you or talk to your best friend or have a good cry. Whichever makes you feel better but DO NOT keep unsaid words in your chest.


It doesn’t have to be I-HAVE-TO-COMPLETE-X-GOAL-BY-EOW exercise. I used to go for walks on weekends and occasional marathons. Completing these small goals made me happy & got me the exercise I needed.

Keep Your Room Neat & Clean

Clutter tricks me into thinking that my life is in bits and pieces. Having everything arranged makes me feel in control.

Turn Off Your Phone

I always try to make a conscious effort to avoid looking at my phone as the last thing before bed or as the first thing when I get up.

Social media does not have a positive effect on me. So I don’t let it “get me” by switching off notifications and not going online unless needed.

Keep Busy

Keeping myself occupied helps to avoid over thinking. I am grateful for the days when I have a lot of things to do & I don’t have to keep looking at the clock wishing time would hurry up.

Break Tasks Into Chunks

Sometimes when there’s a lot to do, break it up into mini tasks. I try to time each task and catch a break in between.

Have A Backup Plan

I’m a person who timetables her day & when situations beyond my control mess things up, I lose all my spirits. Having a backup to fall back on helps in such cases.

Spend Time On Your Hobby

Or try new things to discover what you like.

Surround Yourself With People

When feeling lonely, just get out of that closed room and sit in a room with people. You don’t have to talk to them – just be around.

Get Out Of The House

Even if it’s for 5 minutes. I walk myself to nearby places. The change in air helps.

Spend Time With Your Pets

My cats actually talk back to me!! Being surrounded by nature also helps.

Reward Yourself With A Treat

Buy that dress you wanted, eat that pizza you craved, visit that place you wish listed.

Just Breathe

Spend ten minutes each day just concentrating on your breath and let it calm you down.

Let us give ourselves a lil’ love first!