An Aisle of Choice

I always end up buying more than what’s on “my list” , when I go to a supermarket.

When I see so many options neatly categorized, instead of being able to choose wisely, I end up feeling more confused.

It is becoming tough to choose between lavender and rose handwashes, almost as if choosing an elective in college.

Will I miss out on the rose experience, if I go for lavender? If I choose lavender, will rose be there next time I come back? It’s serious Fomo!!

When I have limited choice, its so easy to pick one and not worry about what I could be losing on…

The Joy of Receiving a Parcel!!!

Whenever I receive a parcel that was ordered online, I get overly feels like someone is delivering me a surprise gift, even though I have paid for it myself & even though I am fully aware that it is going to arrive at said date & by said time 😜

Still the excitement grips me…I wait whole day anticipating the delivery guy to call up & then jump up from my desk & rush downstairs giggling like a little kid about to receive a gift from Santa Claus at Christmas.

Then I bound up to the desk of my friend, Aksh – who is also the one who helps me decide what I buy – I open the parcel and we go on like teenagers gushing about how “mast” the top is 😉 how “fresh” or how “new” the color is & how “soft” the material is etc.

The whole process of opening the parcel(i.e tearing it apart really, I only unwrap it nicely & slowly if its gift wrapped 😃) is what makes me feel like I have received a gift.

I’m sure those of you who love to shop online will relate to the happiness that you feel when you buy something online and that feeling is multiplied to profound joy when the parcel is actually delivered to you.

And the excitement is the same every single time. 💃

Receiving a parcel brings a smile to my face 😊

For that day, no matter how it was going on, I’m happy.