Love the way U make me feel

I love the way u look at me

The way ur eyes roam over my face

The way u lift ur eyebrows

The way u stare and then smile


I love how ur smile makes me smile

I love how u take my name so softly

Almost like u are whispering it into my ears

I love how close to you it makes me feel


I want to laugh with you, cry with you

I want to punch you, I want to kiss you

I want to fight with you and then makeup with you

I want to sleep next to you and wake up next to you


I love the way u make me feel.

Babyy, u warm my heart ♥


Day 28 Topic 28: One-line

What would you say to the following in one line?

  • To the blogger you admire the most: I so wish I could write like you!!
  • To the author of your favorite book: Please bring your world to life and pull me into it, I want to experience it.
  • To someone who made you smile this week: Thankq, u brightened up my day. I wish u have a wonderful day too 🙂
  • To someone who doesn’t like you: Well, your choice.
  • To someone you don’t talk to as much as you would like to: I tried but I can’t keep making all the efforts by myself, so I moved on.
  • To someone who has impacted you in some way: It was a classic case of “Some people are brief chapters in your life but one of your favorite chapters”.
  • To your reflection in the mirror: Hey, another day, we will go through it , don’t worry 👍