Day 21 Topic 21: Time

Time. It flies. It feels like we just started grumbling about Monday and then it’s Friday so soon. 

Time. It moves away. Like saying bye from a train pulling out of the station. 

Time. It takes u places. U never know u have journeyed so much until u look back at it. 

Time. It changes u. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. 

Time. It heals u and makes u stronger. U may not know it but u r much stronger today then u were yesterday. 

Time. It makes u put things into perspective. Like that retrospective walk on the beach. 

​Day 10 Topic 10: Reflect on something

 U know, U can’t really tell when u will get to see someone again or when u will get to talk to them again. 

U say u r too busy and that u will catch up tomorrow and before u realise it’s been too late. 

Don’t delay that visit for later
Don’t leave those things unsaid

I thought quotes like, “Life is short. Smile while u have teeth” is too cliché but my day today has given me enough to reflect upon it. 

Day 5 Topic 5: One word, First thought 

This is a game in which you are given a word and you have to say the first thought that comes to your mind. 

I picked out some words at random from the WordPress Daily Prompt (bcoz I’m playing this game alone 🙈) and I’ll also try to pop in a line about what the thought signifies for me. 

  • Blanket – Comfort ( A blanket for me means a comfortable peaceful sleep) 
  • Avid – Listening ( You should listen like you mean it. Makes the person who talks to you feel good) 
  • Harmony – Peace ( Synonymous) 
  • Chuckle – Smile ( Things you do when you laugh) 
  • Opaque – Wall ( Incapable of penetrating anything through) 
  • Cranky – Moods (Well, my mood swings are) 
  • Time – Important (Very important to me) 
  • Purple – Color ( Just another color) 
  • Instinct – Trust ( I trust my first instincts, they are usually correct) 
  • Pattern – Random ( Antonymous) 
  • Abstract – Art (Something I never understood) 
  • Vivid – Memories ( Some memories you just can’t forget)