P for Patience


Patience is clearly not my strong suit.

Maybe because I value punctuality, so I do not like waiting AT ALL.
I hate waiting for people to turn up on time, reply back on time or even do something on time.

I go mad waiting for things to happen on time and sometimes if I’m very mad I lash out.

I may have some shred of patience for others, but with me I have no mercy.
I can’t be patient with myself nor can I forgive myself.

However, the most patience I have cashed out, I think, is for waiting for my life to turn around.
And I’m still waiting….
They say, ‘If it doesn’t open…It’s not your door.
Which is the door for me then?

I have bid my time, I have waited for it, and if after all this…


Expectations and Hopes

We generally expect a little bit of good from every day. I mean, at least, we hope the day to be good. This hope leads to expectations and expectations lead to great disappointments.

So never hope that something good will cross your way. Bcoz ‘goodness’ is a very rare entity in today’s times. Just stay neutral and let your days flow. If something good does turn up then let it be a pleasant surprise. 

My funda is that instead of expecting something and then being disappointed, it’s better to not expect anything or expect the worst and be surprised with the best. 

Because disappointment wilts me down in a deep dark tunnel of the most depressing thoughts and I find it difficult to fight it and come to the surface. Whereas pleasant surprises, they leave me in a good mood for days. 

The only problem right now is the wait – the wait for the good to come – that is testing me. 


Day 21 Topic 21: Time

Time. It flies. It feels like we just started grumbling about Monday and then it’s Friday so soon. 

Time. It moves away. Like saying bye from a train pulling out of the station. 

Time. It takes u places. U never know u have journeyed so much until u look back at it. 

Time. It changes u. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly. 

Time. It heals u and makes u stronger. U may not know it but u r much stronger today then u were yesterday. 

Time. It makes u put things into perspective. Like that retrospective walk on the beach.