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​Summer Binge watch: Pretty Little Liars 

Dying to find out who I am? – A

The soap opera teen in me loved this series.

It can be pretty dramatic and it might not appeal to those who are looking out for some serious stuff.

But for a summer binge watching marathon this one is pretty good enough.

I had decided to give it a try to just see what it is about but then i started liking it so I hoarded the seasons. 😝


Four best friends; Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hannah fall out with each other after the leader of thier gang, Alison, mysteriously disappears. 

A year later, the friends start recieving anonymous texts signed from someone called A threatening to reveal their personal secrets which only Ali knew. 

So does this mean Ali is back from the dead? 

The friends need to stick together to find out the truth about A and about Ali.

I like the way this show is presented.

Clockwise : Emily, Hannah, Aria, Alison and Spencer

The casting is great. I like the liars minus their queen bee. All of them dress up like 😍

Aria – the eclectic girl with a stubborn air

Hannah – The IT girl with soft corners around her heart

Spencer – The smart girl whose DNA has victory embedded in it 😝

Emily – the sporty one and the quiet one

Hannah is my favorite😁

She may act all snobby at times but she really is a softie. Plus, she can be funny right in the middle of a serious scene.

Spencer, I like or hate depending on my mood😂

This series is based on a book series by Sara Sepherd.

I had read the first book in between the show, and I was surprised to find the whole first book summarized into the pilot episode 😂

It is addicting!!

At the end of every episode I feel an itching to download the next one to find out what happens next.  It kind of drags you into the drama.

Right now I’m on Season 5 and I’m consuming it rapidly and repeatedly ( a Hannah reference 😜)

Tip: If u do watch this show, don’t get too much into figuring out who A is and why and how. Let it unwind on it’s own.

Till then, Sshhhh 😉

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#GoTta Speculate


If I could I would open this post with the theme song which is currently playing on my mind right now 😜 Now that we have reached like the very last of the GOT seasons, I cant seem to keep the gossip about the fan theories at bay.



Anyone who has ever watched GOT always knew that there was no way Jon was Ned Stark’s illegit son. There has always been this great mystery surrounding who Jon’s parents are. Infact, GRRM had secretly revealed to GOT producers who they are just in case, God forbid, anything happens and the ‘show must go on‘.

As we all saw in season six finale, when Ned Stark arrived at the Tower of Joy, Lyanna was giving birth to Jon and she died during childbirth entrusting Jon to Ned’s care making Ned promise that he will never reveal to anybody who Jon is.

Obviously, she feared that if Robert found out all hell would break loose and also to keep the last Targeryn safe.

But doesn’t R+L=J seem too obvious? I mean for a decade now people have obsessed over Jon’s lineage and the secret is supposed to be THE reveal of the GOT series. Isn’t R+L=J too easy an explanation? I mean, I want it to be true but at the same time I’m expecting a bigger shocker when the curtains fall.

The Maegi’s Predictions For Cersei


She did promise, ” You will wed the king“. She did promise, ” Six and ten children for him and three for you.” ” Gold shall be thier crowns and gold thier shrouds.” And it all came true.

So I’m going to put my faith in the Maegi’s predictions and I cant wait to see how her other predictions will come true.

She said,”Queen you shall be until there comes after , younger and more beautiful, to cast you down and take all you hold dear.”

Cersei lost most of all she had when Margery came along. Sure now she’s reclaimed the Iron Throne but a younger and more beautiful contender, Danerys is on her way to Westros.

What I really want to see is “When your tears have drowned you, the valanqar shall wrap his hands about your pale white throat and choke the life from you.”

In High Valyrian, valanqar means little brother. Cersei always thought that it will be Tyrion but Jamie too is younger than her, technically. And Jamie has screwed her life up anyway. My bet is that Jamie will squeeze it out of her with his golden hand.

Tyrion is a Targeryn


Of all the theories I want this one to turn out to be true.

Explains why Tywin hated him so much. It is believed that when Tywin found out his wife Joanna was pregnant with the Mad King Aerys’s child , he fed her a potion so as to kill the child inside her womb. Unfortunately, the potion had the wrong effect and killed his wife in childbirth and Tyrion was born a dwarf.

Also, on his death – well, not death bed; death toilet more like -Tywin tells Tyrion one last time, “You are no son of mine.” Well, a dying man’s last words could hardly be a lie.

Also the fact that Tyrion was always fascinated by dragons and Danerys’s dragons did not harm him.

Oh, I so want this theory to be true!!

The Three Headed Dragon


I want it to be Danerys, Jon and Tyrion.

Coz look the combination feels so correct to rule the seven kingdoms.

Jon – King of the North, ex Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, loved by all – will make a good king.

Danerys – Born Conqueror, so many titles – easily fit to be Queen. Now that she said bye bye to her lover Daario Naharis, maybe she could marry Jon.

And the little flaws she has in making judgements and decisions, Tyrion Lannister as the Hand can help in over coming that!

Also, they have Targeryn backgrounds, thier mother’s died giving birth to them, they had a tough upbringing but they rose above it all.

I can already visualize Jon, Danerys and Tyrion fighting against the Night King in the series finale 😃

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A Weekend Spent With Myself

Recently, I was feeling too clogged with the normal routine of my life which is – Home-Office-Repeat . So with this long weekend coming up ahead, I thought why not just grab this opportunity to do the things that I love and hopefully clear the junk from my mind and get back on the right tracks.

So, the first thing I did was to switch off my data pack. Without my cell buzzing & whirring every alternate moment, the feeling of freedom was finally sinking in.

GTY_woman_reading_book_jt_140112_16x9_992Reading: One of the first hobbies that I had developed. It’s like escaping into another world really. I just have to pick a book & pick a reading spot, I’m transported to a different world. For once I don’t have to worry about what’s going on in my life, I can embrace a fictional character and laugh with them & cry with them.
When I’m reading a book it’s like a Do Not Disturb sign. U can’t enter my room when I’m at it – gives me my Me time, u see.

Quilling: gives me great joy and pleasure. So, I spend some time researching for ideas & then once I sit down to do something…..I can’t get up till it’s complete.
WP_20150308_002This is a small wall hanging that I made for my maushi. 🙂
I love rolling and curling the paper & unfurling it & the dilemma of using the right color combo!!! Hell!!! M not much of a matching expert in that so I stick to whatever colors I chose first. And then once it’s ready….I can’t help jumping around the house & showing everyone my creation. 🙂

music-windows-wallpaperMusic: This exilir detoxs my mind!! Just need to run a finger up & down the playlist to select a song that suits my current mood & then m blaring the tunes full volume through my ear phones…& then I sing along with it too in my croaky voice but thank God I can’t hear that over the music 😛

better-dancerDance: I randomly switch to any music channel on TV & then copy the steps that they are dancing along to and within minutes our drawing room had turned into a dance floor 😀 and I’m like a disco diva in my head :D:D


Blogging: This has become one of my hobbies too now. I like musing over what to blog about. When some idea sparks in mind, it doesn’t feel that appealing so the mood dies down, like some switch is flicked off & then again something else comes to mind & then I delve thinking this could be good, I write random words & phrases first then slowly construct sentences & then once the words start flowing smoothly on their own, all I have to do is keep my pen moving along. 🙂

brunch-3Besties: Nothing beats a surprise visit from best friends. They came over with ice cream & chips & their warm smiles. And we spent the next 2 hours hanging out in my back garden, swinging on the swing chair & talking & laughing & teasing each other.

Reality TV: The only stuff I watch on TV these days. My brother and me divide the contestants into our own personal teams & as they compete on screen, we cheer & lead them on. Most of time we end up mock fighting as we support our teams. 😀

gift.wrapGift Shopping: The best thing about planning birthdays is that u get to do the shopping for gifts. Selecting an item & getting anxious over whether they’ll like it & finally settling on something and coming home to gift wrap it – Gift wrapping gives me a certain thrill like I’m wrapping happiness for my loved ones 🙂 🙂

The long weekend got over pretty soon 😛 but there was a tiny sense of happiness in me by Sunday night. Just maybe I finally found a little peace…..all by myself! 🙂