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Scribed #1

I paused for a while and closed my eyes. Tiny white bulbs flashed like someone clicking pics under my eyelids with camera flash on. The white blurs condensed into stinging tears as I opened my eyes again.

Leaning further back into my chair, I relaxed my shoulders and took in a deep breath. All around me I could hear the ” rum rum ” noise people’s fingers made as they typed furiously on their keyboards. Click-click-click as mouses were right clicked and left clicked. I thought of closing my eyes again just for a 2 second nap.

But then I heard the definitive firm sound of a chair being pulled away from someone’s desk.

Sighing, I straightened up in my chair, flexed my fingers, stared square at my bright screen and continued typing…..

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An idle mind is a devil’s workshop

This is indeed true.

If I keep my mind idle, it starts straying down the wrong tunnel of thoughts – u know that dark, depressing, tormenting tunnel where there is nothing right with you.

Being idle makes me restless & fidgety. I develop such a revolting taste that I don’t find anything interesting enough to remove me from my stupor.

It’s like my mind takes over things that shouldn’t matter out of their folder and starts analyzing them – over analyzing them most of the time. 😌

So, I try to keep my mind busy as much as I can. I love the days when there is workload in office and the weekends when we plan out. Or I read books, watch stuff, quill something – anything constructive to stop my bipolar destructive side from emerging. Or I instruct the mind to keep on musing – chances are it stumbles on something – then well and good for me.

Being busy keeps me happy and focused. Basically, I save myself some heartache & a pounding headache & a foul mood.

Not being busy brings out the worst in me.

Does this happen to everyone?