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The Tag of Eights

​I was tagged by Carol for this post. Flygirl, u finally did this post 😁 and thanks for tagging me as I had no new ideas on what to blog. Stage 1 of writer’s block cured.

So , here we go, to the Power of 8🤘


8 TV shows I enjoy watching:

1) Vampire Diaries – How I wish Damon was a real vampire😍

2) Castle – Castle and Beckett are my all time favourite pair

3) Friends – Can make me smile no matter what mood I am in

4) The Flash – Barry , u should have stayed away from the timeline

5) Originals

6) Boys over Flowers

7) Game of Thrones

8) Koffee with Karan – if u can count it as a TV show


8 favourite places to eat:

1. Home

2. Maushi’s Home

3. Mami’s Home

4. Friends Home – all my friends have moms who are master chefs

5. Ramesh – fish thali 😀

6. Along the beach – esp Shwarma

7. Ktc bus stand stalls- corn in the rains and shevpuri otherwise

8. Huh, long time since I liked any one restaurant in particular. So, last for all in general


8 things I look forward to:

1) A peaceful night’s sleep – Bcoz me n sleep are in an on/off relationship

2) Pune!!! – To meet my friends

3) Meeting my old friends

4) Weekends away from home

5) Change from job would be most welcome

6) Coloring my hair – when will I do it then otherwise?😏

7) My favourite cousin’s wedding and my close friend’s wedding – Bcoz i want to dance at thier wedding and bcoz i have been soo looking forward to it and bcoz I get an excuse to shop😁😁

8) And always the most important thing on my mind – I wish everything would be all right


8 things I am passionate about:

1. Books

2. Movies

3. Friends – Outings with my besties

4. Family – Drama fying at home

5. Good food

6. My cats😊

7. Bollywood gossip and TV show speculations

8. Chitter Chatter


8 words or phrases I use often:

1) I say okay in different ways – Okay, ok, k, okayyy, Ohkay, ohkkk – depends on my mood

2) Oh my God!!!

3) Why, why, why???!!!!

4) Ehhh….Nooooo

5) Beyy – Nili, u put me onto this😜

6) Huh – more like Huh?! 🙄

7) Kiteyyy

8) And when m in chatty mood my long texts go like – I was like, She was like, He’s like 😂 and I say ‘I know’ a lot too


8 things I learnt from the past:

1. People won’t do for u as u do for them.

2. Dont get ur hopes up. Better to be surprised pleasantly than to be disappointed.

3. If it’s meant to happen, it will.

4. No use stressing over things not in ur control

5. Not everyone is actually interested in ur  well being. Some are just leeching on for gossip.

6. Do not let one bad incident destroy all the good that u have known the person for.

7. Not everyone will stay forever with you. Learn to let go.

8. Just a sorry isnt enough. Change ur behavior too. U can’t just keep repeating the same thing and come back and say sorry.


8 places I would love to go, visit or see:

1) Australia – Just the name fills me up with sunshine

2) Paris – An evening in Paris sounds romantic☺

3) Venice

4) Greece – Something about the pyramids excites me

5) Taj Mahal

6) London

7) Malaysia

8) Just after thought – Spain – sounds tangy😜


8 blogs/bloggers I would suggest fellow bloggers to visit

1. Flygirl’s blog –

For regular ramblings from yours truly

2. Jai – and

3. Arvind –

4. Riddhi Sharma –

5. Savio –

6. Unsaid words –

7. Young & Twenty –

8. Idle Muser


Blogging thoughts, feelings, dreams, interests and aspirations ✍️

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